Main research themes and expertise of the Institute

From a comprehensive engineering perspective, we conduct research and studies in a wide range of energy fields in collaboration with industry, academia, and government.

Activity Area

  • Surveys and research related to basic energy strategies.etc.
  • Research on domextic and international trends and evaluation of the future potential of energy technology
  • Implementation and support of energy technology development

Research and Studies in a wide range of energy fields

  • Role
    • 1 Survey research, FS (system design and evaluation (economic and technical), development of practical application scenarios), demonstration testing
    • 2 Coordination and overall coordination of PJs, (3) Presiding over field-specific study groups (as a platform for searching for seeds and proposing PJs)
  • Contracted projects from government agencies, independent administrative agencies, private companies, overseas research institutes, etc./Independent research with membership fee income
  • Establish a consortium with universities, business companies, research institutes, etc. for implementation.

Energy Perspectives

We contribute to society by analyzing various energy fields, including the global environment, renewable electric power systems, carbon recycling, hydrogen, and nuclear power. We also present energy visions by evaluating the relationship between energy and society regarding energy supply and demand, global environment, various resources, and economics.

Global Environment

Research Themes

  • Analysis of energy supply-demand composition, CO2 reduction effects, energy system costs, etc. (Mid- and Long-term Vision 2019), based on the IAE model (GRAPE, TIMES-Japan)
  • Mission Innovation
  • Support for planning and operation of ICEF subcommittees
  • Support for the development of international standards (CCS)

Expertise/relevant overseas research institutions

  • Long-term and integrated analytical evaluation of energy systems using models
  • IEA, IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) International Collaboration on Integrated Assessment Models
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 Renewable Energy and Electric Power System

Research Themes

  • Study/research on solutions to the massive introduction of renewable energies
  • Development/demonstration/survey on energy storage technologies (Thermal Energy Storage, Compressed Air Energy Storage)
  • Business model development for local energy supply
  • APNet (Advanced Power Network) Study Group (Emeritus Prof. Yokoyama, The University of Tokyo)
  • Society of (STE) Solar Thermal Energy and Energy Storage (Prof. Kodama, Niigata Univ.)

Expertise/relevant overseas research institutions

  • Thermal system analysis and evaluation
  • DLR (German Space Agency)
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 Carbon Recycle

Research Themes

  • Study of energy system combining renewable energy and fossil fuels
  • FS of CO2 effective utilization technology
  • Overseas diffusion of advanced thermal power generation
  • Study group on ACC (Artificial Carbon Cycle) technology (Prof. Nakagaki, Waseda University)
  • Study group on solar thermal and thermal storage technology (STE study group)

Expertise/relevant overseas research institutions

  • Numerical analysis ・Process design ・C1 Chemistry
  • CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia)
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Research Themes

  • Hydrogen as an energy carrier (Analysis of hydrogen demand, analysis  of economic and environmental performance of various energy carriers)
  • Hydrogen as a means of energy storage (Hydrogen utilization for effective use of renewable energy, Power to gas)
  • Individual technological fields supporting hydrogen (Water electrolysis, hydrogen power generation, hydrogen liquefaction)
  • Zero-emission hydrogen vision study group (Dr. Yamaji, RITE president)

Expertise/relevant overseas research institutions

  • Scenario analysis and formulation
  • System cost evaluation from hydrogen production to utilization
  • SINTEF (Stiftelsen for industriell og teknisk forskning)
  • IMDEA (Institutos Madrileño de Estudios Avanzados)
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 Nuclear Energy

Research Themes

  • Contribution to 1F debris analysis (Japan-US cooperation, OECD/NEA)
  • Support for research and development of SMRs and next-generation reactors
  • Support for IAEA safety standards, survey of safety systems in other countries
  • Support for decommissioning of nuclear facilities (proposal of academic codes and standards)
  • Support for human resource development
  • Decommissioning Study Committee (Prof. Okamoto, The University of Tokyo)

Expertise/relevant overseas research institutions

  • Thermal-hydraulic analysis (SAMPSON code, CFD)  
  • Safety regulatory systems (IAEA, etc.)  
  • Radioactivity inventory assessment
  • IAEA, NEA, MIT, U.S. DOE-affiliated institutes
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Analysis tools

IAE uses analysis tools such as GRAPE (global environment analysis system), SAMPSON (analysis code for severe accidents), etc. to conduct its assessments and analyses.