Mission of the group

The group has carried out the technological development projects for next generation light water reactors with an aim of realizing practical use in 2030s in a joint effort with reactor manufacturers and electric utilities under financial assistance from the government. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, however, the group has been focusing on the important technical issues for improving safety of nuclear power stations. In a long-run, the group intends to further develop safer light water reactors based on the previous studies on next generation light water reactors.

Development of technology for safety enhancement of light water reactors

Based on the lessons and findings from the Fukushima nuclear accident, the group has been developing the technologies necessary for further enhancing the safety of nuclear power plants. More specifically, the group is developing the technologies to strengthen defense in depth (earthquake isolation technology, technology to prevent or mitigate severe accidents, etc.). The results of such technological development will contribute to further safety enhancement of nuclear power plants and will be able to be applied to performance evaluation and safety measures of nuclear power plants. The industry is adopting such new technologies and reviewing the plant concept of light water reactors that are acceptable by the society.

Contact person

Tsukasa Hisada, Director