Information dissemination via e-mail, HP, etc.


IAE NEWSLETTER is distributed to supporting members by e-mail every month, consolidating the latest domestic and international energy-related trends, columns, and other recommended information. The following summary, forewarning, etc. are included.

    Energy Technology Information Platform (ETIP)

    This is a website covering the latest energy technology information for supporting members only. The website also includes our business reports and abstracts of research and study reports.

      Individual field study groups (advanced power networks, anthropogenic carbon cycle, solar thermalenergy and energy storage)

      We disseminate noteworthy overseas and domestic matters to study group members, interested parties, etc. via our newsletter and website.

        OECD/NEA Monthly News

        OECD/NEA Monthly News (trends related to nuclear energy) are posted in Japanese with the titles of the news and links to the original.

          New Trends in Energy

          Each month, we interview two to three experts on a specific theme and publish a summary of the interview. The number of topics covered has already reached 138. Past themes are also published..

            Symposiums, monthly workshops, and workshops on individual fields

            Symposium on Integrated Energy Engineering, Research Project Report Meeting

            Since the first symposium in 1981, the Institute has held symposiums open to the public to disseminate information through lectures and discussions on current topics and the latest information by experts and researchers of the Institute.

              Monthly Workshop

              In principle, monthly meetings are held for the purpose of providing information on recent domestic and international trends in energy and environmental technologies and networking with experts, etc., mainly for supporting members (an online system is adopted in the case of the response to the prevention of the spread of new corona infections).

                Individual Field Study Groups (information is provided for a separate membership fee, and study groups are
                planned and operated)

                Advanced Power Network Study Group (APNet), ACC (Anthropogenic Carbon Cycle) Technology Study Group, and Solar
                Thermal Energy and Energy Storage Study Group (STE Study Group).

                  Publication of Reports, etc.

                  Quarterly Journal of Energy Engineering

                  Reports on surveys and research, and the
                  latest information on energy technology, including policy trends, are widely
                  introduced (downloadable from ETIP).

                    Project reports, research reports, research abstracts, etc.

                    Available on the ETIP
                    website for supporting members only, etc.