Management(as of June 2023)

Executive Officers

PresidentTakayuki Terai >>profile
Vice President / CEOHiroshi Kuniyoshi >>profile
Chief Operating OfficerHiromi Tamagawa
Excecutive DirectorShigeki Iida >>profile

Research and Development Division

Director, Carbon Recycle ProgramsKatsuo Hashizaki
Director, Carbon Recycle ProgramsSusumu Sakai
Director, Global Environment ProgramsAtsushi Kurosawa
Director, Hydrogen Energy ProgramsShigeki Iida
Director, Renewable Energy ProgramsRyo Moriyama
Director, Electric Power Systems ProgramsIchiro Sumitani

Nuclear Power Engineering Center (NUPEC)

DirectorHiroshi Kuniyoshi
 Director, Nuclear Energy ProgramsKazuhiro Tsuzuki
 Director, Nuclear Safety ProgramsKenichi Tezuka
 Director, LWR DevelopmentTsukasa Hisada
 Director, Back End of Nuclear Fuel CycleTeruyuki Hirai

Energy Technology Information Center

DirectorMasao Chaki

Planning Division

DirectorMasao Chaki

ISO Center

DirectorHiroshi Kuniyoshi

Administration Bureau

Bureau DirectorHiromi Tamagawa
Director, Account DivisionHiromi Tamagawa
Director, Operation DivisionHitoshi Tsuboi
Director, Administration DivisionHidehiko Okamura

Organization Chart(as of June 2023)

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Greeting from the President

Greeting from the President

Japan depends its large energy consumption almost on import from abroad Therefore planning and steady implementation of energy strategy with ...


Management(as of June 2023) Executive Officers PresidentTakayuki Terai >>profileVice President / CEOHiroshi Kuniyoshi >>profileChief Operating OfficerHiromi TamagawaExcecutive DirectorShigeki Iida >>profile Research and Development ...


staff (as of December 2022) Number of of staff: 66 (including administration) Researchers48PhDs28 Researchers expertise background Electrical and electoronic engineering4Mechanical ...


1978 Apr. The Foundation was authorized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.Prof. Yutaka Yamamoto assumed the first presidency ...
Supporting Members

Supporting Members

Number of members: 99 companies(as of December  2022) The IAE is supported by “Supporting Member” companies from various industries such ...

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